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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Project Updates

                                                                                     © Worlds of Fun

Steel hawk has started to arise from within Worlds of fun this week. Previously standing at Knotts Berry Farm as Windseeker it was removed at the end of last season and transported to Worlds Of fun now known as Steel hawk. While this is only the base piece i'm sure the ride will be at full height in no time. Unless you already know, Steel hawk was originally painted in brighter colors and has been painted to match the existing Windseekers. 

© Six Flags Mexico

Six flags mexico shared a picture of there 'new' steel coaster Medusa Steel Coaster. The Coaster is a transformation of the old wooden version of Medusa, using Rocky Mountain Construction's I box track they are creating a hybrid. How fantastic does it look? Those banked turns look fantastic and that inverted drop!


This track is of Lightning Run, the new roller coaster for Kentucky Kingdom. Manufactured by Chance rides it is the first of their new Hyper GT-x model. How great does that light blue track look? very good. Standing at 100ft with an 80 degree drop, it is sure to provide thrills! 


And down in Germany Holiday Park has finished vertical construction of their Premier Rides coaster. Standing tall above the trees, the launch coaster is a clone of the ride of the same model in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom named Superman ultimate flight. 

Named Sky Scream, it will launch riders forwards and backwards out of the station in order to reach the top height of 150ft where riders negotiate an in line twist before plummeting back down. 

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