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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New Gerstlauer family shuttle coaster set to open at Adventure City

© Adventure City

This season California's Adventure City have announced they will open a Gerstlauer Family shuttle coaster to be named Rewind Racers. The coaster looks full of family fun, even though the concept art suggests the ride would be built by Vekoma and be one of their Junior boomerangs. At a cost of just over $2 million the ride comes on the cheap side for what it provides and is the largest investment in the parks history. A shuttle coaster does not need a lot of space to be built and features forwards and backwards sections. Firstly climbing the lift hill backwards from the station before plummeting back down, travelling around multiple banked turns and then heading up another hill, before doing everything backwards again. 

While from the concept art it does not at all look like a Gerstlauer creation, it is set to be. The family ride will have huge success at this small family park i have no doubt, it is fantastic to see family parks investing in these coasters. 

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