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Thursday, 16 February 2012


Ok, so here it is, today we are going to showcase the thrilling coaster's debuting in 2012, here is out top 2.

1-Leviathan Canada's wonderland 
In 2012 Canada's wonderland will debut the world's first b&m giga coaster.                                                                            

Leviathan logo
When the coaster open's with the park in April 2012, it will stand an incredible 306ft tall above the park's main entrance.  Recently the park finished the coaster's track work and installed all of the coaster's track The latest update from the coaster can be found on either the park's Facebook page or Canada's wonderland mania here.

2-Skyrush Hershey park
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Also debuting this year is another unique attraction, Skyrush. Standing at a spectacular height of 200ft it towers above Hershey park and even Hershey. The coaster is almost finished track wise, and looks Phenomenal right now. When it opens this summer, it will feature unique trains, that wing out over the sides of the track. The latest update can be found at Keystone thrills here,

Next in the editions of THRILLING THURSDAY we will have Shambhala and The swarm.
All the links posted are with credit to the websites the links are linked to.

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