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Monday, 24 February 2014

Six Flags Great America release final design of Goliath

That's right, were back after two years here at Theme Park Mad. Here to bring you all the latest theme park news. 

To start us off today in this article we are discussing Goliath, the Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid opening at Six Flags Great America this year. Originally Goliath was designed to have a full wooden structure for the lifthill and zero g stall, however in this newly released design this has changed to an impressive steel structure. Comparisons below. 

© Six Flags Great America
The new style of Lift is built up using steel rather than the wood, most likely to save space and material. It certainly does have an Intimidator 305 style about it with its own unique look. Now underneath the lift hill is a new inversion, named the Zero G Stall; which looks alike an upside down airtime hill. This is smartly supported by a bridge like structure which incorporates into the lift structure. 

© Six Flags Great America

Above is the most impressive view of the new coaster. Something about that towering lift hill is very impressive, many people will ask how such a thrilling Rollercoaster can fit into the small space it occupies. Well that's the genius of Rocky mountain. Goliath sports a 165ft tall lift hill and a drop of 180ft at an angle of 85 degrees(that's almost vertical!) speeding upto a top of 72mph! If this isn't impressive enough, here's another image to gear you up. Are you ready for Goliath? 

© Six Flags Great America

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