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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Shambhala, Port aventura.

In 2012 Port Aventura park are adding a new coaster,A hyper coaster From b&m, The park are saying it is the highest in Europe and to stand a massive 76m/249ft tall.

Some concept art has today appeared online, All credit to 
Coaster Community.
The logo(not confirmed to be actual one)

As you can see, the logo suggests the name (however this is not  
 Confirmed to be it)

More concept art (Credit to PAfans)

The layout (green one)
The concept are shows a long layout, with upto 5 camelback's, One water splash and much more.
The art also shows the ride could have a potential theme around mountains.
The drawing below shows the unique turnaround.

The Turnaround 

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